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​Master Doug Armstrong grew up in Oregon, Illinois. He started martial arts in 1981 with Ji Do Kwan, Tae Kwon Do. After 18 months of training, Master Armstrong joined the United States Navy where he was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In Hawaii, Master Armstrong continued his martial arts training in first Okinawan Kempo and then at a Shaolin Go-Ju under 8th dan Master Dean Bottomley where he achieved the rank of Shodan, 1st degree black belt. Since then, Master Armstrong has trained with many high ranking martial artists including Grandmaster "Professor" Wally Jay, the founder of small circle Jiu-Jitsu. Master Armstrong first opened the doors of Mountain View Karate Center in 1995 teaching his own style of American Ching Sai Do (combined martial arts). In 2000, Master Armstrong won the Black Belt Fighting Competitor of the year and ultimately the World Championship breaking title. In 2004, Master Armstrong was inducted into the Sport Karate Hall of Fame. Long since retired from competition, Master Armstrong has ranked 91 black belts and 47 World Champions.  


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