Hello, my name is Daniel Cassell.  I have been training in the martial arts since April 25,1991, when I began my martial arts journey in my hometown of Fairfield, CT, with Shaolin Kempo Karate via the Fred Villari school system.  Thirteen years later I achieved the rank of 3rd Dan on June 13th, 2004.  At the same time I also trained briefly in Shito Ryu while I was away at college achieving blue belt before graduating in May 1999.  3 jobs later and after moving down to Hickory for work, I found MVKC in 2006 and have trained here ever since.  Sensei Armstrong has welcomed me into his dojo and has awarded me the rank of 4th Dan as a result of 12 years of blood, tears, and sweat.  I like to spar, to do kata, to teach students the proper way of doing things, and I can break some too.


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