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Born May 26, 1963 in Sacramento,Ca 1969-moved to San Jose where I attended Terrel elementary school. I was serious smart mouth and ended up being the target of every single bully in school because of it. I started my Martial Arts training at Mora Bros.Chinese Kenpo Karate/Kung Fu. And trained until moving to Hot Springs,Ar where most of my relatives come from in 1977.

   Moving to Arkansas was serious culture shock where I repeatedly was told “ I don't know where you are from, but.....”.  There were very few martial art schools there, so I did other things to entertain myself until I enlisted in the United States Air Force and was assigned to Loring AFB,Me where we had four seasons, just three of them were winter. I ran across an airman who's Dad was a Kung Fu instructor and we started training together at the base gym. Word got around about it and the next thing we know, we had 21 people joining us from several different styles- Karate-Do, Okinawan Karate, a couple wrestlers, Tsing Chun, Taekwondo and one Muy Tai guy(who repeatedly kick all our butts).

  After being Honorably discharged in 1983, I returned to Arkansas to work in My Dad's Liquor store and learn the business but I couldn't stand to stay in one place so I went to work for Olan Mills as a portrait photographer on a church schedule in south Texas. 6 days a week on the road got old quick. So I decided to try my hand at something I always wanted to do-selling cars in Corpus Christy,Tx.  I also signed up to start training again at a Kenpo school there, but work never slowed down enough to allow me to train.

  After a year, I got tired of flat ground,constant sandy wind and very few trees and returned to Arkansas where I had a family and continued in the automobile business (except for two years driving Trucks over the road)and trained at various martial arts schools until 1995.

  1995-My Dad decided to open a dollar store in Bristol, Tn and needed my help, so we moved there and eventually grew the one store into four. During that time, my step-son wanted to start training in Teakwondo. This gave me the bug to train again and I found a guy teaching the style I always wanted to learn-Jeet Kune Do. I trained with him for three years and then went on to train with his GM, Professor Gary Dill. In the process, I got to train with different instructors in the arts of Combat Hopkito, Brazilian Ju-jitsu, Bushido Kempo and was one of the first instructors certified as a “Basic Counter Terrorism” instructor until 2004 when Professor Dill and I parted ways.

  Since then,The business went bankrupt and I got divorced from my wife.  I continued being a “Karate Gypsy” and trained when I wanted, where I wanted and quit testing for rank and concentrated on being an effective street fighter.

 I moved to NC in 09 and met my wife in 2012.

 Recently, I took a job with a company who trains cheer leading and Karate. I couldn't find my Gi's and discovered that I gave that box to the Salvation Army, so I went online to order a new belt. I realized that I wasn't going to receive it on time and called  Sensei Armstrong to see if he had a black belt he could sell to me,but instead loaned me one for that first class. When my employer informed me that he wasn't going to have a facility for me to teach in on time because of not handling details until the last minute, I resigned.

   I informed Sensei Armstrong of the ugly developments and he invited my to join MVKC!!!  I have met lots and lots of instructors, but Sensei Armstrong is one of the most skilled and warm hearted Martial Arts instructors I have ever met.  The whole school is a big, diverse and close knit family. Our instructors are all awesome and the students are extremely respectful. Our kids are the best and I love being able to help guild them. I am proud to be here and will be here indefinitely!


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